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Brad Ellingboe – vocals

Steve Christenson – vocals

John Helgen – keyboards, vocals

Dave Michel – bass, vocals

Randy Ellingboe – drums, vocals

The Ghostriders Let It Go

The Ghostriders, formed in 1978 in Northfield, Minnesota, have really let it go with this blockbuster Christmas release “Let It Go”.

It is the band’s first record release since 1980, the year of their primum opus “Endless Skies”, originally released on vinyl.

We hope you enjoy the tunes in this special EP (Expended Play) edition.

Many thanks to the performers and writers and arrangers and producers, engineers, drivers, handlers, caterers, and especially to all the great folks at Rogamatrem Records. We simply could not have done this without you.

The Ghostriders Let It Go - Tracks

1. Let It Go – 3:17
2. Elder Day – 5:33
3. Jeg Er Så Glad (Un Fromage du Noël) – 3:36
4. We Five Kings – 2:03
5. Merry Little Christmas – 3:47
6. Ghost Reindeer in The Sky – 3:07

For a complete listing of track credits and lyrics, scan the code below or visit

Endless Skies


In 1980, The Ghostriders released their epic magnum opus “Endless Skies”.


This timeless classic is still available, for digital download, at the original 1980 price of $5.00!

Endless Skies - Tracks

1. Lost in the Night

2. Ghostriders in the Sky

3. Need Someone Like You, Baby

4. Little Deuce Coupe

5. Tell Me You're Mine

6. Aloha, Oh!

7. What'n the Heck's Goin' On?

8. Tristan Blues

9. Misty

10. Sentimental Journey

11. Kaleidoscope (A Journey into the Subconscious)

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